Training For a 100K Ultra-Marathon

Training For a 100K Ultra-Marathon

Instructions to run a 100K Ultra-long distance race

Preparing for a Ultra-long distance race can’t troublesome as the as it appears. On the off chance that you can run a half long distance race, you can run a full long distance race. In the event that you can run a full long distance race you can run a 50 miler. On the off chance that you can run a 50 miler you can run a 100K Ultra. Everything began as I arranged for a 50 miler. My run of the mill preparing program was very little in excess of a program for a customary long distance race separation of 26.2 miles. As I set i up included a couple of extra long hurries to my program and alongside a couple of slope and leg weight works out. My long runs comprised of cresting out at around three runs of 25 to 30 miles. The tick here is to keep it moderate. The more slow than ordinary pace permits you to fabricate the perseverance required for the 50 miles to come.

So this is what occurred. The day preceding my 50 miler I had arranged for a storm had come however the east coast and the race was dropped. I had invested an excessive amount of energy planning for this race not to run. So I immediately looked to the web and found a 100K ultra long distance race in Charlottesville VA (The Bad To The Bone 100K). The issue with this race is that it was 13 miles longer and had an all out height move of 15,000 ft. With just a month and half before that race I had some work to due 100km training plan This is what I did. First I included too increasingly long runs consecutive days of around 28 miles before I decreased during the time before the race. Besides I added too slope schedules to my program to help prepare me for the 100K of trails over the Blue Ridge Mountains. Now I was genuinely prepared however what about hydration and sustenance? Hydration and sustenance key to completing this separation. It is basic that you remain hydrated during the race. In the event that you lose more than 3 or 4 percent of your body because of water misfortune you are in a tough situation. Drink water, and sports drinks regularly and measure how your admission coordinated your yield of liquids. My general standard is I drink as much as I put out in addition to an additional 4-6 oz each half hour. Next is electrolyte balance.

I had discovered an item called S-tops that helped me significantly. These assistance give the fundamental equalization of sodium and potassium expected to enable you to abstain from “reaching the stopping point”. Anyway at these separations you are probably going to encounter a few high points and low points as you push ahead, it will occur! Besides you have to eat considerable nourishment that has straightforward and complex carbs. Gels are extraordinary for present moment anyway you will likewise require a ‘moderate Burning” fuel, for example, power bars, sandwiches and whatever else you can endure.

Another factor that is most likely similarly as significant if not more than physical quality and sustenance is your psychological status. In the event that your mind is instructing you to stop you will have issues. The best thing you can do is to remain positive. Anyway this is troublesome and I am certain during the race you will wonder why am I doing this? You should remain positive and attempt to occupy your brain. Attempt to think about a most loved spot, use music; use cerebrum secrets and psychological distractions. Anything to keep your mind involved will help hugely.

Finally is your wellbeing during the run. Screen your feet at each guide station. Change your socks frequently and even your shoes on the off chance that they are wet. Dry feet will help forestall rankles and furthermore assist you with remaining intellectually engaged. Id you create rankles get them dealt with right away. In the event that you let them go you will be in a difficult situation as the day wears on.

These are only a couple of things that helped me complete the Bad To The Bone 100k in October 2008. My objective was to complete as most should be except if you have run this separation earlier. I completed around the 18 hour imprint and intersection the end goal was an inclination that I can’t clarify Goodluck and I trust this makes a difference!