Having bathroom aesthetics no longer limited to hotels and resorts, more and more home owners are taking up wall hung toilets in bathrooms. In case you are not too familiar with bathroom accessories like wall hung toilet and basin, it is really vital for you to know more about them. You can make your bathrooms lively and effective once you have the right bathrooms installed.

You can have the right Wall hung closet once you are ready for it. There are so many options out there to choose from. But before you make up a mind for this or deter it because of your lack of information; it would be great you read about the advantages these closets carry.

What is a wall closet?

The common difference between floor mounted and wall hung toilets is that these latter have the cistern concealed inside your bathroom wall. Attached to the wall of the bathroom, these toilets do enhance your bathroom aesthetics.   Of course, you can make sure that your space looks enhanced and beautiful.

Quick advantages

There are some wonderful advantages of this type of toilet and a few of them are as under:

The Style-factor

Just imagine a toilet floating off the wall! Fascinating as it sounds; a wall hung toilet is as chic as it gets adding vitality to your home decor. A fashionablehuge or tiny wall hung toilet caters your bathroom a smooth and contemporary look.  The sleek touch up this type of toilet gets you are absolutely appreciable.

Saves space and there is cleaning accessibility

These toilets are installed a couple of inches above the floor giving you plentyof space to clean anything under or round the toilet. If you install a wall hung toilet, it also saves a lot of floor space in your bathroom space. Similarly, adding to this, unlike conventional toilets, these toilets do not need any sealants that are one of the main reasons for decolouration. Actually, often there are small apartments and you have no space in bathrooms. Therein these types of hung toilets are a boon. You would not have to panic about anything in their presence.

Available in various shapes and sizes

You have myriad of designs and options to pick from depending on how much you wish to shell out. Wall hung toilets are really well designed, appears great and are sophisticated enough to draw the courtesy of your neighbours.  You definitely will have a great time once you have such a toilet installed in your space.  You can pick a size that is effective and smooth for your space. Moreover, colour options are also there to satisfy your needs.


So, go for the western closet that is effective, good looking and easy to use. These hung toilets surely make a perfect choice for everyone.  Once you start using these toilets; you can experience utmost ease and pleasure. Moreover, there wouldn’t be much maintenance needed. Be it office space, house or any other area; these types of closets installed in toilets look good.