Numerous individuals participate in the discussion of whether joint secures work genuine circumstances. I think that its an exercise in futility to take part in fire wars on the Internet with individuals you don’t have the foggiest idea. I realize joint locks work, I’ve utilized them. I’ve additionally been in squabbles and battles where I didn’t consider utilizing joint locks, yet depended on different strategies, for example, striking, kicking, kneeing, and whatever else that shielded me from being hurt until I could withdraw from the battle. What’s more, indeed, that occasionally implied me up, him down and hurt, and me escaping the region as quick as possible. In any case, that doesn’t nullify the way that joint locks are substantial and helpful systems for specific conditions. I’ve utilized them effectively to accompany individuals outside when working security, and I’ve utilized them for different circumstances that didn’t warrant thumping an individual’s head off with a strike or crushing a knee top with a kick. I likewise should bring up that I like joint locks, and that is one reason Hapkido is my essential workmanship and that I show numerous locks through courses and DVDs, just as other Hapkido methods and self-protection standards. I appreciate figuring out how the body functions, and how to execute secures in the most productive way, utilizing my qualities against an adversary’s shortcomings. Here are three keys I’ve found to help you with making joint locks work locked room escape


In the event that an individual comprehends what you will do, it is a lot simpler to protect against. In the event that I disclose to you I will execute a wrist lock, you will pull your hand away and not let me apply the lock. I’m absolutely not going to verbally advise an individual what I will do, yet numerous individuals “tell” their rival only that by broadcasting their strategies. Hence, it is imperative to not let your adversary recognize what you are up to until it is past the point of no return. When a lock is bolted on effectively, there is frequently minimal an individual can do to get free. So don’t give them a chance to crush your system in its beginning times, shock them with it.



Some portion of astonishment is found in speed. You should have the option to rapidly execute a locking procedure. In the event that you perform it gradually, the individual will make sense of what you are doing and might have the option to pull the appendage you are attempting to bolt from your grip before the lock is bolted on appropriately. In the event that you are moving excessively moderate, your adversary might have the option to execute his method against you before the lock is bolted on. In the event that his strategy happens to be a palm heel to your face, you might remain there with watering eyes and a messed up nose asking why your lock fizzled. It may not be that the lock fizzled, yet you neglected to execute it before getting crushed in the face.

Legitimate Technique

You can be quick and catch your adversary off guard still have a lock come up short on the off chance that you don’t execute it accurately with appropriate procedure. Locks require right edges and explicit application to augment their adequacy. On the off chance that your point is off, in the event that you are not having any significant bearing weight in the right place or in the best possible way, or on the off chance that you are not utilizing your body weight and movement to upgrade the viability of your procedure, your lock may come up short. I urge everybody to dissect strategies and why they work, just as body movement and weight move to guarantee the economy of movement and right utilization of method is performed.

It is critical to consolidate all the best possible fixings when executing joint locks. This is the reason I invest energy showing these ideas, and accentuate them, once in a while tediously, to everybody I teach. Joint secures work certain circumstances. You won’t constrain a system, but instead use it when the open door emerges. By getting the hang of, rehearsing, and understanding locks to the point you can execute them with astonishment, speed, and appropriate method, you’ll have extra devices in your tool compartment for those circumstances when bolting an individual up is the best decision of activity.