Content Moderation service is now offered by Cogito for detecting the spam contents from the social media pages. It is providing the user generated content moderation service to filter the good contents from bad contents ensuring the brand image and reputation of a company or its products or services. Cogito do this job using the most advance tools and techniques by content moderators to screen the social media comments, feedback or reviews on other online platforms and make it favorable for your company or brand.

Content Moderation Service

Cogito Offers Following Content Moderation Service: 

  • Chat Contents Moderation
  • Moderation for Social Media
  • Comments & Forum Moderation
  • Video and Image Moderation
  • Live broadcasting moderation
  • Outbound Social Risk Defense
  • Existing Website Content Moderation

Cogito has special team to monitor such user generated spam contents and correct or remove the same immediately before it gets impression of online customers and affects the reputation of the company. It is providing the content moderation services for pre-moderation and post-moderation as per the customize needs and feasibility of clients to make sure not any kind content spoil the image of the company due to any reason. It is providing fully customize content moderation service for different companies operating in various industries.